‘Shining From Within’

shine 4As I looked out on a beautiful sunny morning the grass appeared to be shimmering with jewels – I was immediately taken with the thought of ‘shining like jewels’ – and my mind was filled with  my son and daughter in law – as they are truly ‘shining- like jewels – or like stars’ – in the hospital.

In the midst of all the pain and suffering that they – and those around them – are going through – they shine with the peace – serenity – and love of God.

shine 5They are true jewels – shining for all to see.

I came across this quote and thought how true it was – and how truly this applies to my son and daughter in law.

It’s the love and light of God that is within them that is shining so brightly – shining through the darkness. They always sparkle and shine when the sun is shining – but more so during this season of darkness.

shine 1As children of God we are encouraged and urged to ‘shine – like the stars in the universe’ -as we hold out the Word of life’.

It’s wonderful – encouraging – uplifting and inspiring to see these two ‘stars’ shining so brightly.

If you are surrounded by darkness – I pray that you will be able to draw from the ‘light within’ – that you will be encouraged and blessed too as you see others who ‘shine into your universe – your world’ – and that you will experience the ‘Word of Life’ in your situation.



They are doing what we as children of God are encouraged and urged to do – ‘shining like stars.



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