‘Free To Be You’

be 6A group of ladies were being entertained the other day – with the singing of Christmas Carols – of course some of the carols were better known than others – but what struck me was the unbridled enthusiasm of one particular lady. She ‘threw her heart and soul’ into the singing – not caring if she was in tune – seemingly unaware of those around her – she gave it her all – and in so doing made quite an impact on the others.

be 2They were aware that she had a difficult life – struggled with numerous things – had little of the worlds comforts – yet – for me – she displayed a richness that many miss – she had that innocent abandonment to enjoy the moment she was in – an acceptance of who she was – and the freedom to be that person.

How many of us worry far too much about what others may think – instead of simply daring to be who we are – to let go – be ourselves.

be 5One of the things I love about this time of the year is the innocence and enthusiasm of children – how they embrace all that is happening around them – perform with such wonder and abandonment in their Christmas shows – without worrying what others think. They simply enter into the spirit of the occasion – enjoy the moment – and be themselves.

be 4We can learn so much from them – and in doing so give more to those around us. We forget what it is to be happy for no reason – to be curious – to fight for things worth fighting for – instead we worry needlessly – forget to really laugh – and give in too easily.be 3

So – lets free ourselves – to be who we are – to relax – let go a little – and let others show us how it’s done – and not only will we benefit – but those around us will benefit too.

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  1. knsander97 says:

    I love this post and yes I love to sing and laugh with abandon.
    Truly makes me feel alive.


  2. I’m so glad that woman still embraced life even though she’d had a difficult one. It’s so hard to let go and seize life like a child again!


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