‘Look Around You’

look 9Setting off on a long journey – to visit my brother in beautiful Scotland last weekend – I found myself almost totally focused on the traffic – the way other people were driving (I was a passenger in our car!) – the speed we were going – and working out how long the journey was going to take us.

We were probably about half way there when I began to look around me – and suddenly realised that I had been missing so much by being so easily distracted simply by the ‘mechanics’ of the journey.

look 3

The scenery through which we were passing was stunning – the sun was shining on the hills – sheep and cattle wandering and grazing in abundance.look 7

The realisation of how much I could so easily miss stayed with me throughout the rest of our travels over the weekend.

I deliberately looked around me.Frosty Trees am Birting  The keen frosts created a winter wonderland as we travelled – transforming the landscape into a mysterious beauty.look 2

On our journey home  the sun shone on the stark whiteness of frosted trees – and created a wondrous backdrop for the setting sun.

I was reminded of my journeying through life – how easily I can get distracted – focused on ‘getting from A to B’ – criticizing others for the way they travel on their journey.

look 5I can race through my days – forget to look around me – fail to see the beauty of my world – so often played out in the people I meet. I get so focused on my journey that I also miss seeing the struggle of those I pass by – I don’t see their loneliness – their fear as well as their beauty.

So – as I travel through my life – I need to remind myself to look around – to lift my eyes above the distractions – to see around me. To look for that need – take time to smile – to reach out – to even take a break in my journey in order to notice and bless someone else.look 6

How much richer and rewarding was my journey when I began to really take notice – and how much richer my journey through life could be – each day – if only I took the time – to look around.

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  1. Although motorways themselves aren’t pretty, I love to travel as a passenger and watch the scenery go by – I often wish I could get out and explores some of the scenery.


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