‘The Kindness of Friends’

After a few days of glorious sunshine – albeit cold -yesterday was a wet blustery day – and as I had an appointment to attend – I needed to venture out!

This was not a big problem for me – except for the lack of regular public transport in our area – one of the realities of living more remotely. I could get myself there – but then would have at least a 2 hour wait to get the next available transport back – and – on a day like that don’t really relish having to hang around – but – I didn’t have to – thanks to the kindness of a friend – who travelled 30 mins each way – just so that she could make life easier for me! I so appreciated that.kind 3

I don’t have to cast around in my mind for too long to find so many occasions where friends have been kind to me –  have reached out – have blessed me in some way – and I treasure such friends –  so many – over so many years.

As my memory recalled some of those times – I also realised that many ‘strangers’ have also been kind to me.

Our volunteer work took us to many countries and we met so many people – people who reached out to us – acted in kindness – made us feel welcome – invited us for meals – took us on trips to see their wonderful countries – and – in doing so – became friends!kind 1

They took the time to be kind – to some ‘stranger’.

I want to be a person who is kind to others – a person who reaches out to bless – to meet a need – and – in reality it’s not too hard to do so – with friends – BUT – how often do I do the same for a ‘stranger’kind 4



How often do I even see – really see – many of the people who I pass each day – who I interact with. Do I even offer them a smile – a kind word – for even such small acts of kindness can make such a difference to someone’s day.


kind 8

I find it quite sobering too – to read the words of Jesus – and to realise that He sees the way we treat others – as if we were treating Him – the same as if that person was Himself kind 9– or – as Mother Teresa says – we should see each person – and treat each person – as we would Jesus Himself.

If I truly did that – then I guess I would be so much kinder to others – reach out so much more – for I so want to live in a way that is pleasing to Him.




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