Recently I have been so impressed at finding out that so many people that I know have talents that I never knew about – they really are so talented – and I have to confess that I feel as though my talents fade into insignificance – in comparison with theirs.

talent4I guess I have always had difficulty in recognising that I have much talent at all – I see so much of what I do – and who I am – as so very ordinary.

I have often been told what a good cook I am – yet – in my eyes – I simply ‘cook’ – I have been told that people enjoy my writing – yet – in my eyes – I simply ‘write’  – I have been told that I have helped and encouraged others – yet – I am not aware of ‘how’ – or even seen that as a ‘talent’.talent5

Yet – as I have begun to recognise talents more and more in others – and see how they use those talents to bless others – I am stirred to do the same. I’m stirred to first of all recognise my own God given talents – to dare to ‘own them’ – to dare to share them – and not to overlook them – or hide them anymore.

So much of my life has passed – with me withholding – hiding – my talents – I don’t want my life to finish with them still hidden away because I am too afraid to share them with others – but rather to share them – to give to others – and in doing so – give them back to God.talent2

I have been helped and encouraged so much by the talents of others – encouraged as I have begun to ‘believe in my writing’ – to share with others – and been so blessed to be encouraged as they have shared their talents of writing with me.

As I have begun to discover a love and talent for painting watercolour – so many have encouraged me – by sharing their talents with me – by encouraging me – and I’m so grateful to them. talents3

Thank you – all of you who have encouraged me – shared your talents – and blessed me through them – you have helped me to believe in myself more – to dare to ‘own my talents’ – and begin to think of more ways that I can use what God has given me – to help and bless others.

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