An Obsession

I find myself becoming almost obsessed with the sunrises. I hurry with my shower – wanting to make sure that I’m sitting in my open doorway – to take in those changing skies – the colours that seem to vary with each minute – IMG_1064 (Edited)if I look away for a second – almost in the blink of an eye – the scene before me transforms – IMG_1187 (Edited)blues – greys – yellows – oranges – almost unbelievable colours chasing across the sky.

I want to capture the scene – have so many phots on my phone camera – yet – cannot seem to do justice to the glory and beauty spread before me.IMG_1182 (Edited)IMG_1158 (Edited)





I want to paint it – not that I have that ability – but the wonder calls me – my gaze is focused – not wanting for a moment to miss those changing hues – those streaks of glory.

Having only just begun an art class – and never having painted before – I want to run before I can walk – I simply cannot wait to learn all the techniques – without at least making an attempt – to at least try to capture- what simply captures my heart and soulIMG_1149IMG_1193 (Edited)





The result – far from perfect – quite possibly many mistakes made in the process – as – in truth I have to confess – I really don’t know what I am doing – yet – feel compelled somehow – caught up in the wonder and glory of the sky above me – reminded that it does – to me at least – declare the glory of God.

sky 1I see His handiwork – and wonder – marvel – delight – as each day He displays it before me – and what can I do – other than praise Himsky 4



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