‘We need the rain’


We had rain !! – and how we rejoiced – laughed – ran into it – literally soaked it up – until we got too cold that is!rain3

Now – ‘why’ – you may ask – would you react in such a way – to rain. We see so much of it – often grumble when it comes – long for days without it – yet – here we were after weeks of hot dry weather – simply longing for it.

We needed it – had missed the refreshing that it brings – the colour it creates.

Often – when we have travelled to other countries where the climate is so much hotter and dryer – we have commented on our return that we can see why our country is called – ‘a green and pleasant land’ – it’s all because we get lots of rain.rain6

Times of drought make us appreciate this. Of course this period of drought has not caused us hardship – as it does in other places. We’ve not been without water – crops have not failed – but – that fertile freshness has been missing – the grass is brown – some plants and flowers have struggled to survive – we need the rain.rain7

Maybe for a while this period of almost oppressive heat and dryness will make us appreciate our cooler and wetter days – and instead of grumbling about the rain – we’ll appreciate the growth around us.

rainOur lives are much the same – we need the rain –  the clouds may gather – the storms may come – but – growth will occur – flowers will bloom in our lives – we will become more beautiful – but we do need to embrace the rain – accept the storms.rain4




Let the rains of the Spirit shower on us – and water our souls – embrace the rain that God sends – run into it – and watch for the growth to occur in your life.


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