Morning Has Broken

I’m overcome with a sense of relief – at last – the hour has arrived when I can roll myself (literally!) out of bed and get ready for the day.

Night hours seem so long – so unrelenting – as I toss and turn, every pain filled moment causing me to fluctuate between a longing to sleep – to fall into a sleep so deep that I need that ‘kiss’ to awaken me – and also an impatience to end my restlessness. I long to ease my pain even just a little with a deluge of hot water- to stand and allow those muscles to relax even a little.

Yet, there’s a bonus to my sleeplessness, a reward for wanting – needing – to rise from my bed  for I get to greet the dawn! Nothing measures up to the quiet – the peace – the stillness, gradually broken by bird song – skies slowly lightening allowing my eyes to se the scene around me.

The sun may not always appear from behind the bank of clouds , rain may obscure my view, yet the wonder and glory- the freshness and quietness of an early morning feeds my spirit – calls to my soul.

I can rise above my pain, forget the past restless night and bathe myself in this wonder – drink in the sights and sounds – allow my soul to soar and see in some small way how big my world is.

I’m not bound by my pain, not held back through lack of seep, but rather enriched and strengthened for my day ahead.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘No pain – no gain’ and I guess that can apply in so many situations. As I cast my mind over my life I see that worked out not only in my life but in the lives of others too.

We are enriched so often through pain and difficulty in our lives – and honestly – if that’s what it takes for my life to be lifted out of the ordinary and allows me to see, appreciate and experience more of life’s riches – then – bring it on!

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