‘Time To Recharge’

I have been having problems with my laptop over recent weeks – but today – when I opened it up to begin my blog post – it simply wouldn’t even switch on.

I tried and tried – to no effect – and was beginning to think that I had no alternative – but to work out a way I could either borrow one from someone – or find out if there was a way in which I could manage to buy one.

As I had unplugged the laptop – in order to be where I could pick up the internet signal – I thought I would re-plug into the power source – and guess what – the battery had almost run out!

I have no idea how this had happened – as I had assumed it had been charging overnight – but needless to say – I was delighted that I could now settle down to work.

I have to admit that this whole experience resonated with me – and as I read this quote – “Have you ever felt as depleted as an uncharged phone” – I definitely identified with the sentiment.

There are those times when I ‘motor on in life’ – full steam ahead – pouring out myself – using all my energy – until – suddenly – it’s as if I’ve come to a stop – run out of battery – run dry – and simply cannot go on. These are the times when I need to recognise – that I need – as this quote says – to “Recharge my batteries – update my spirit – refresh my perspectives – and upgrade my soul”

This is something that I have not found easy to do – yet am learning that it is so important – both for myself – and for the sake of others – and will often mean – that for a while I need to withdraw – and – to quote “Sometimes – I need to go off on my own – I’m not sad – I’m not angry – I’m re-charging my batteries”

I love how true this quote is – “Self- care is not selfish – you cannot serve from an empty vessel” – and it’s something that I hang onto. It’s never easy for me to ‘let go’ – to admit to needing time to ‘re-charge’ – to be honest about my need to take care of myself – but – I am learning – and as I allow myself to do so – I’m experiencing a freedom – sensing a refreshing – and giving myself the time to fill up again. Blessings – Lois

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