‘Certainty In Uncertain Times’

No one can deny that these are days of uncertainty – that being said – life always has it’s uncertainties – and – “Uncertainty is very much a part of the world in which we live”

As the year draws to a close – many of us look back on a year that has probably been one of the most uncertain in so many ways. The fact that so many changes to plans were still having to be made – was something we had not anticipated.

I guess one of the biggest challenges we all face – is dealing with the uncertainty. For many – like us -life has drastically changed – nothing is as it was before – and the huge challenge is how we deal with the uncertainty for the future.

We really have no choice – other than to embrace that uncertainty in our lives – and I love how this quote puts it – – “It’s how we embrace the uncertainty in our lives – that leads to the great transformations of our souls”.

I’m so very thankful – for the faith that has enabled us – and continues to enable us – to embrace the uncertainties that we encounter.

“Faith isn’t a feeling – it’s a choice to trust God – even when the road ahead seems uncertain” – and that is not simply a ‘quote’ that I use – but is a true reality in our lives day by day.

It’s hard some days to make that choice – to trust God completely- but what I hold onto – is the certainty that He is always with me – I may not sense Him at times – I may even feel abandoned – forsaken – but the truth is – “When life seems confusing – when circumstance seem impossible – when the future seems uncertain – God is there – God is in control – God can be trusted”.

So – today -as we prepare to enter another year – I embrace the uncertainty – being sure of God’s love and care – and in His faithful promise – to walk with me all the way.

That is my certainty – in uncertain times – Blessings for the coming year- Lois –

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  1. A good way to approach another year that may remain just as uncertain as the last two Lois!


    1. loisastwood says:

      It certainly could – but it would be great if things settled down šŸ˜€
      A very happy new year to you šŸ’•šŸ’•

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