‘Hold Onto Your Dreams’

One of our grandsons has had a dream – a long held dream – one which he sometimes doubted would ever come true – but one thing he always did – was to hold onto that dream.

This week – that dream came true for him -as together we all embraced a new member into our family – an almost irresistible 8 month old Patterdale and Jack Russel cross terrier.

Frankie – as he is called immediately made himself at home – settled so quickly – and I know he will become all our grandson dreamt he would be – that loving companion and friend – who will play such an important role in his life.

This dream – so long held onto – seemed impossible for many years – there were situations that had to change – and even when that happened – it was important to spend the time making certain that everything was in place to be able to realise the dream.

Our grandson enlisted the help of extended family to make his dream come true – and we are so grateful for their support – helping him to keep that dream alive – and in being alongside to make it happen,

I – as many others – have had dreams – some seemed unobtainable – and there were times when I was inclined to simply let go of them- but I have found that by holding on – so much that I dreamt of has been fulfilled.

So please let me encourage you – first of all – dare to dream – and than to hold onto your dreams – believing – even for the seemingly impossible to happen.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. I’m glad your grandson’s dream came true Lois, I hope he has many happy years with Frankie.

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    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you Andrea – sorry I’m a bit late replying and hope all is well with you – Lois


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