‘We Remember’

There are so many times in our lives when we ‘remember’ – we celebrate – and each memory evokes within us so many different feelings. We can fluctuate  – from  joy – to sorrow – yet – each memory is important to us. We can draw so much from our memories – learn so much too – and are probably influenced by those memories more than we realise. 

There’s no doubting that memories of our childhood – our upbringing – influence many of our choices in later life.

The recalling of some memories are more important to us than others -many memories fade into the background – only to surface at odd intervals in our lives – most likely prompted by chance remarks or the recurring of something similar years later. However other memories are very important to us – they remain a constant in our lives -a constant presence almost – continuing to influence the way we feel – the way we act – in fact our very lives.

Some of the strongest memories from my childhood are of the strong faith of my parents – which they lived out – setting an example – demonstrating the love – compassion and sacrifice of Christ. Their faith was real – and from childhood I remember – celebrating that sacrifice – that made it possible for me to know Christ too – to remember Him for myself – to create my own faith walk with Him – and so develop many memories myself of His faithfulness in my own life.

This time of the year – we remember – we remember that first Easter – we celebrate together with thousands all over the world – the death and resurrection of Christ.

We remember that because of what He did we can experience life – love and peace.

I pray you will remember – that you will celebrate – and experience new peace and love – blessings – Lois

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  1. Virginia says:

    Lois, wishing you an Easter blessed with extra doses of the persevering love, joy, peace, mercy & grace of Jesus. 🌸✨🙏✨🌸

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