‘Discarded Pieces’

After a prolonged absence I returned to my water colour painting – everything had been unpacked since our move in November – but as I had not done any painting for almost a year – I had been hesitating on starting again.

I am very new to this art – still only learning – but had begun to paint small pictures that I could make into cards for friends and family.

Sorting through my box – that was filled with my first attempts at painting – I came across a few that I had almost discarded. They were painted on larger sheets of paper and I did not consider them particularly good enough to frame – nor did we have the space to hang more pictures.

However – instead of discarding them I decided to divide them into smaller pictures – and managed to make quite a number of cards with them.

I was quite pleased with the result and in the end none of the larger – early paintings were discarded – instead I ended up increasing my supply of cards.

How easily I could have simply left those early pictures sitting in that box – maybe to be thrown out one day – yet – by using them I had an opportunity to bless someone else – to make good use of them – just as God does with us.

I came across this quote -from Nick Vujicic – (you all know I love finding quotes!) –

Every time you think you’re being rejected – God is actually redirecting you to something better – ask Him to give you the strength to press forwards

I’m sure it’s often true for most of us – that there are times when we feel like we’re being rejected – discarded – but in fact – if we trust God – if we ask Him – He always has something better for us.

He never discards us – instead – He uses the pieces – puts them together – and so often makes something new- and in doing so – not only are we blessed – but are able to be a blessing to others.

May you be encouraged and blessed and find great joy in discovering those things in your life that are worth saving – maybe reusing – and remember – nothing in your life is ever wasted – God uses all our failings – all our hurts – all our disappointments – and can make all things new.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. There are some beautiful pictures there Lois. I love the textures of the featured image, and love those images of the trees against the snowy landscape with the fences crossing.


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you Andrea you are always so encouraging 💕


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